History and winners

Price winner 2017:

Zhaoju Deng

Bilbao, Spain

Former winners:

2016: Guilherme Rizzoto

Press release Univ. Calgary

2015: Sefinew Alemu Mekonnen, Etiopië

2014: Dr. Joshua Aleri, Nairobi, Kenya

Interview Cairns 2014 (Australia); Interview Dublin 2016 (Ireland)

2013: Dr. Fahimeh Zibaae, Teheran, Iran

2012: Dr. Shailesh S. Madane/India

2011: Dr. Larissa Anuske Zeni Condas/Brasil

2008: Dr. Nimer Krahim/ Palestine

2006: Dr. Vitaliy Dubinskyy /Ukrain

2004: Dr. Gabriel Turasha /Kenya

2002: Dr. Marian Kusenda /Slowakia

2000: Dr. Harry Birgel jr./Brasil

1998: Dr. Tanu Pinyopummintr / Thailand

1996: Dr. Pavol Mudron /Slowakia

1994: Prof. Simeon Bolte /Rumania

1992: Prof. Harold Amstutz /USA

1990: Dr. Jose Carlos Souza Filho /Brasil

1988: Prof. Alfredo Solana/Spain

Some quotes:

  • All those steps provided me with experience in some of the basic areas in infectious diseases research, such as epidemiological methods and molecular biology, which will be very useful tools for my future work in bovine infectious diseases” (Larissa Condaz, 2011);
  • “Finally, I am really happy and satisfied with what I did and what I reached. For that I would like to thank you and thank GRMF for financial and moral support (Nimer Kkraim, 2008);
  • “I am convinced that I will benefit from the experience due to the GRMF Award” (Vitaly Dubinsky, 2006);
  • “I am glad to tell you that I have successfully completed my three months period at QMPS Cornell University. This was a great learning experience for me. I have visited several farms of New York with QMPS veterinarians and field technicians. I learned about the best possible approach towards mastitis (laboratory procedures for the identification of microorganisms, milking procedures, teat dips, and milking systems). I attended the NEDPA (Northeast Dairy Producers Association) conference in Syracuse. I have got this opportunity to work with QMPS at Cornell university only due to the GRMF Grant.  I will use this knowledge to help dairy farmers in India” (Shailesh Madane, 2012)