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Due to the COVID-19 circumstances and the lack of international physical meetings where cattle veterinarians get together, the board of the Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund decided this year to present the Gustav Rosenberger Award during a local event. Thanks to our sponsor we can also work on our mission, even when there are no big conferences with great exposure. In 2021 we were not able to bring the award winner to such a conference to receive the award but we brought the award to the winner.

If you are interested in applying for the upcoming award or know somebody who is interested, please follow the link for the submission requirements and online submission possibilities. You can download a submission form as well to fill in offline and copy/paste to the online (!) submission form before the deadline! Only online submission forms will be accepted.

Submission requirements and online submission form

Good luck!


Current board Members of the GRMF:

Prof. dr. Theo Lam (Chairman) Royal Dutch Veterinary Association
Dr. Christian Scherpenzeel


Royal Dutch Veterinary Association
Prof. dr. Emile Bouchard World Association for Buiatrics
Dr. Martina Hoedemaker Hannover Clinic for Diseases of Cattle
Dr. Ruurd Jorritsma Royal Dutch Veterinary Association


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Boehringer Ingelheim