The Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund

The Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund (GRMF) is a tribute to Dr. Gustav Rosenberger and is related to the World Association for Buiatrics. The Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund annually provides a grant of 10.000 € to a young and promising veterinarian, preferably from a country or area with suboptimal possibilities to develop veterinary knowledge in the field of cattle health. This year’s grant is sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.

The GRMF provides grants on a yearly basis to young and promising veterinarians who drive progress in bovine medicine in general, come from a country where bovine medicine needs further development, and intend to apply their knowledge in that country. The grant is to be used for an educative period of at least 3 months to increase the candidate’s knowledge on bovine veterinary medicine by following courses or doing research. Candidates for the GRMF grant are veterinarians working in bovine medicine who have graduated no longer than 10 years prior to receiving the grant.

Every two years, the GRMF grant will be presented at the World Buiatrics Conference. In odd years, it will be presented at a convenient place to be decided on by the GRMF board. If you are a veterinarian or a scientist who is interested in hosting a veterinarian that could be a potential candidate for the grant, please click below for more information.

Submission deadline GRMF Award 1 May 2023!