The Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund

The Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund (GRMF) is a tribute to Dr Gustav Rosenberger and is related to the World Association for Buiatrics. The last Buiatrics Conference prof. Rosenberger attended was in 1982 in Amsterdam. That meeting was very successful, also from a financial point of view. A, for those days, substantial amount of money was set aside, of which the Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association thought it belonged to the international buiatric community. The Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund was born, with the objective to ‘further improve bovine medicine at an international level and to stimulate bovine research in its broadest sense’. To realize that objective, bovine scientists have been awarded by grants and prizes, mainly being young scientists from South America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. During the last ten years grants were offered with a value of approximately € 10.000,- each, to be used for educational and research purposes.
The GRMF has been sponsored by several pharmaceutical companies over the years. Currently GRMF is sponsored by MSD Animal Health.


Call for submissions GRMF Award 2021 now OPEN!

***Deadline 15 October 2021***


2020 GRMF Award for Dr. Salma Chowdhury!


Current board Members of the GRMF:

Prof. dr. Theo Lam (Chairman) Royal Dutch Veterinary Association
Dr. Christian Scherpenzeel (secretary-treasurer) Royal Dutch Veterinary Association
Prof. dr. Emile Bouchard World Association for Buiatrics
Dr. Martina Hoedemaker Hannover Clinic for Diseases of Cattle
Dr. Ruurd Jorritsma Royal Dutch Veterinary Association

Some quotes of former GRMF award winners:

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